About Cromwell


We are a small but serious cattery dedicated to promoting the British shorthair breed.

Our values are coat texture and distinctive British conformation,  beautiful  round copper eyes and breeding for type and temperament.

Please note that as we don’t intend to sell breeding cats  to many, you will need to fulfil strict criteria if applying to own an entire kitten.  In fact, you can expect to be thoroughly vetted as suitable owners, no matter what your requirements.

Cromwell is registered with CCCT, according to whose Code Of Ethics we will not sell pet kittens unless they are desexed, nor without full vaccination and microchipping. Potential health issues are taken very seriously and all our breeding cats are DNA tested for PKD and Blood Group B.

To us every kitten is an individual, even if to someone else, one British Blue kitten is pretty much the same as another. Kittens leave home no earlier than 12 weeks of age.  They need that time with Mum in order to become “complete people”

When we say ‘our kittens are raised underfoot’, unlike some, we actually mean it. And that translates as “NOT outside, but in our bed, on our bed, under our bed (or the guests’), messing with the computer and phone jacks, scattering cat litter over the study floor and generally deeming themselves to be way more than equal. 

 We would especially like to thank Faye Martini-Jackson of Kalame British for entrusting us with her beautiful cats and for her friendship and ongoing support. 

Our special  thanks also go to Carolynne Power of Kaloofa  for her generosity and belief in allowing us to include her lines in our breeding program.



Cromwell Eleanor Rigby - at her first show